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  • How To Maintain A Fulfilling Lifestyle With Chronic Pain

    Living with chronic pain is difficult even on the good days; on bad days, it can seem like even the smallest chore is too difficult. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with pain that lasts longer than six months, especially if you have a busy lifestyle or a family to take care of. Your…

  • What is Fructose and is it Bad for You?

    What is Fructose and Is it Bad for You?  by Helen Sanders  NUTRITION At a Glance Fructose is a sweet-tasting substance which naturally occurs in fruits, some vegetables, honey and other plants. It is also referred to as “fruit sugar”. Although it has a similar chemical formula to glucose, glucose is a molecule vital for life,…

  • Is it my lower back or my hip?

    Is It My Low Back Or My Hip?     When patients present with low back pain, it is not uncommon for pain to arise from areas other than the low back, such as the hip. There are many tissues in the low back and hip region that are susceptible to injury with have overlapping…

  • Headaches

    What Are Cervicogenic Headaches?   Headaches are a very common problem that can have multiple causes ranging from stress to trauma.  To make matters worse, there are MANY different types of headaches. One such type is the “cervicogenic headache” (others include migraines, cluster headaches, etc.).   The main distinction between the symptoms associated with cervicogenic…

  • Balance and Dizziness

    Balance & Dizziness Many people seek our care for low back, mid-back, neck pain, and pain in the extremities, but what about balance and/or dizziness, as they often go together? Can conservative management help people suffering from frequent falls due to balance and/or dizziness problems? Let’s take a look! When considering treatment for balance, we…

  • Diagnosed with Chronic Pain, here’s what you need to know

    100 million Americans battle chronic pain on a regular basis, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. If you’re one of these people, then your odds of victory increase with every bit of knowledge you gain about your enemy.  So, in this post, we’ll explore some of chronic pain’s causes. We’ll consider how to…

  • Are You Ready for the Darkest Day of the Year?

    Story at-a-glance December/January is an ideal time to test your vitamin D level, to establish your annual low. For optimal health and disease prevention, a level between 60 and 80 ng/mL appears to be ideal Having a vitamin D level below 20 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) may raise your risk for depression by as much…

  • Big Pharma Tries to Monopolize CBD Oil Market

    Story at-a-glance The cannabinoids in cannabis — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — work by way of naturally-occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body The fact that your body is replete with cannabinoid receptors, key to so many biological functions, is why there’s such enormous medical potential for cannabis South Dakota has…

  • Essential Exercises for IT Band-Related Pain

    Story at-a-glance Most people have never heard the term iliotibial band, often shortened to IT band, and those who have, often — and mistakenly — think it refers to a muscle that needs stretched or worked out, which is a wrong assumption Even doctors sometimes misdiagnose hip or thigh pain, which are usually caused by…

  • Tips for Making Your Thanksgiving Dinner as Healthy as Possible

    Story at-a-glance For a healthful Thanksgiving dinner, opt for organic pasture-raised turkey, organic vegetables, and organic potatoes. Items best forgone include stuffing and bread, while canned cranberry sauce can be replaced with fresh, raw cranberries, and simmered bone broth is a healthy replacement for gravy While white meat is typically more popular than dark meat,…

  • What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Gluten?

    Story at-a-glance Gluten is a protein that’s made of glutenin and gliadin molecules that form an elastic bond in the presence of water Gluten intolerance is a condition wherein a person’s immune system responds abnormally to gluten. It may often be confused with celiac disease (another gluten-related disorder) or simply thought of as a wheat…

THE Pittsburgh Back Pain Specialists

American Back Center specializes in disc, back & joint conditions. We are the Pittsburgh area’s leading practitioner of the revolutionary VAX-D therapy system. VAX-D is instrumental in treating herniated discs, bulging discs, failed back surgery, degenerated discs, chronic low back pain, sciatica and spinal stenosis.

In addition we also offer therapy & rehabilitation services for a wide number of back and joint related conditions.

We have 50+ years experience and our state-of-the-art facilities are designed with your comfort and health in mind.

Our drug free, non-invasive, treatment plan is FDA approved and covered by many medical insurance plans.

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What is VAX-D Therapy?

VAX-D ® Treatment is designed to relieve pressure on structures that may be causing low back pain. It relieves the pain associated with herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome , radicular pain, spinal stenosis, and failed surgery.

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Is VAX-D Right for Me?

With herniated and degenerated discs, the escaped nucleus pulposus may be completely retracted back into the disc by the tenth session, which can result in significant pain relief. However, pain reduction does not mean the disc has fully healed.  A full recovery is vital in order to prevent re-injury.

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How Does VAX-D Work?

VAX-D ® Treatment provides relief for patients suffering from the common causes of low back pain and radicular pain. These conditions include discs that are herniated or degenerated, as well as posterior facet syndrome. Also Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, and Failed Back Surgery. VAX-D addresses the structural cause of your disc problem, not just the symptoms, correcting the problem. VAX-D is backed by real science, with real results.

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What To Expect With VAX-D

At the beginning of each session, you will be comfortably fitted with VAX-D’s patented pelvis harness shown in clinical studies to achieve optimal decompression of the lumbar spine.Patients may choose to receive their treatment lying face-down or on their back. The procedure is extremely comfortable, many fall asleep during the treatment. We have had patients as old as 96 years of age receive the treatment.

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