VAX-D Over Surgery: Corporations and Employees Both Benefit

Dr. David C. Duncan, M.D., of Tulsa, Oklahoma, collaborated with a local oil refinery in an effort to compare the costs and benefits of VAX-D versus surgery for refinery employees suffering from low back injuries.  The 10-person case study revealed that, for the individuals studied, the cost of surgery was almost nine times more than the cost of VAX-D, and had less desirable recovery outcomes as well. 

Dr. Duncan, who has been using VAX-D in his practice for over 20 years, recalls how other patients have benefited from using VAX-D:

I treated a patient who was on disability and in a wheelchair with a cervical support.  She is now employed, and has no more need for a wheelchair, crutches, or a cane.  Over the last two decades, I have successfully treated multiple patients iwth lumbar disc disease.  Very few have gone on to surgery.  all things being equal, VAX-D is my first choice for chronic and semi-acute back injuries.”

Below are pre- and post-MRIs of an actual VAX-D patient with both a herniated disc and a degenerative disc.  Before treatment, the herniated disc protruded into the spinal canal, and the degenerative disc was thin and lacking the protective cushioning that is so needed in our spine.  After treatment, the once-extruded disc material has been literally “sucked” back into place, and the degenerated disc has gained impressive height.

Before VAX-D…

Figure 1.

  1. Severe herniation at L4-L5.
  2. Degenerative disc at L5-S1.
  3. Straightening due to spasm.

After VAX-D…

Figure 2.

  1. Herniation is reduced at L4-L5
  2. Rehydration of L5-S1 disc with increase in disc height.
  3. Improvement in lordotic curve.