Is VAX-D painful?

No, VAX-D is very comfortable for the patients. Many patients actually fall to sleep during treatment.

Does medical insurance cover VAX-D treatments?

Yes and no. Workmen’s compensation and auto insurance cover the therapy. Depending on the plan, other insurance may cover portions or all the therapy. Every plan is different and the insurance industry is changing everyday. We are IN-Network with most insurance plans.

How long will the treatment results last?

It really depends on the condition of the discs prior to the VAX-D therapy. Most Patient see permanent correction.

I have already had disk surgery. Can I still have VAX-D therapy?

Yes, we have had patients with as high as six surgeries and still benefit from VAX-D therapy.

I have had herniated disk for almost three years. Can VAX-D therapy still help me?

Yes. In fact, a large study of 700 plus patients, with disk conditions 40 months of age and older showed a 71-73% success rate. This is a fabulous finding.

My herniated disk is the worst kind — extruded herniated disk. Can VAX-D therapy help me?

Yes. Again, the success rate of this therapy has been 71%.

I have a reverse-gravity table at home. Is it the same thing as VAX-D table?

No. In fact, reverse-gravity tables are similar to traction, which can be harmful as it will stretch the ligaments, thus creating dependency on the table and a chronic instability of the ligaments of the spinal joints.