“The back pain was unbearable” The easiest chores in my everyday life became nearly impossible to do. I could barely even go to the bathroom, let alone lie down in bed “. Back pain can strike over 18 million people per year. The majority of back pain is from degenerative disc disease, or from a herniated disc, causing the back pain sufferer tremendous discomfort and frustration, Back pain effects one’s entire life. “The physical pain was miserable, but what bothered me the most was the fact that I could not properly care for my son. I pride myself on my independence and I was off work for 7 months. I am only 24 years old and my back was causing me to walk with a limp” I had tried Physical Therapy, ultrasound treatment, heat therapy, chiropractic, stretching, exercise, and even pain medications. I have seen the disastrous results of the back surgery performed on my father, and did not want to spend the rest of my life on pain killers, or chance surgery.” My physician recommended I try VAX-D “, Short for Vertebral Axial Decompression system developed by Dr. Alan Dyer, the inventor of the heart defibrillator . Clinical research has shown outstanding results even when surgery and other treatment methods have failed. ” After 12 treatment sessions I noticed a huge difference. I could sleep without pain, bathe on my own, and was finally walking without a limp”. I eventually returned to work full-time, I thank VAX-D for making my life happen again”,

Bulging Disc
“Vax-D was 100% effective at eliminating my back pain” E. Recca

My living is working in a hospital, setting up conference rooms. This means moving tables and chairs continuously. Some tables weigh up to 200 lbs.

One day I lifted one of these 200 lb tables and I thought I pulled a muscle. Little did I know that I herniated a disk. For over a year I lived through this pain, until the pain started going down my left leg. I knew something was wrong.

The MRI read that the L4, L5 discs were herniated. At first I tried physical therapy. This was a bad choice. One day I heard on the radio about VAX-D therapy. I talked to my employer to let me try this therapy and they did. It was this, or have surgery. To me surgery must be, should be, when all else fails, the last thing to do.

Well, because of VAX-D therapy I have felt the best I have felt in over a year. I am grateful and thankful that there was something more I could do for myself than go under the knife. Sometimes it’s just so hard to tell someone how good I really feel.

For over a year I suffered when I would cut the grass, drive my car, walk, sit… Today it’s hard to remember how bad I felt.


Little did I know that I herniated a diskC. M. - Pittsburgh, PA

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the very professional and effective treatment I received at your clinic for the herniated disc injuries I sustained in my car accident in October. Initially I consulted with the family doctor and the treatment was exercises. No MRI or x-rays were taken except for what was taken at the hospital. My chief complaint at that time was low back pain with left thigh numbness. After about one month of this type of treatment my condition was going nowhere and my doctor suggested I might need surgery. This is when I consulted you at American Back Centers. I was very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness of the examination and the explanation of my condition. This is even more significant because I was not a believer in chiropractors. You ordered an MRI and that revealed that I did have a herniation of my L4-5 disc.

To say the least, I have had excellent results with treatment at your clinic and I am very impressed with the VAX-D therapy. What impressed me most is that I was discharged after only ten weeks of treatment and I am able to resume my normal lifestyle. I am grateful to you for saving me from surgery.

I would highly recommend to anyone with a herniated disc to try VAX-D first before considering any other treatment, including surgery or injections.


I was very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness of the examination and the explanation of my conditionD. Y. , McKeesport, PA

Since 1991 I have had three surgeries to repair repeated herniated disks. I had a fourth surgery one week after the third surgery to repair the scar tissue damage caused by the previous surgeries. Before each surgery I tried both physical therapy and some chiropractic, but they did not give me more than minimal, short-lived relief from the excruciating spasm pain that ran down my hip and lag all the time.

In December of 1999 I was miserable and in such pain again, with another herniated disk, that I was ready for yet a fifth surgery, desperate to get some relief. Luckily, during that time I learned about Dr. Miskovich’s VAX-D therapy and the American Back Center. I was a skeptic at first, but I have been coming here since then, and never had to undergo another surgery, because I have found almost total relief. For the first few months I had VAX-D several times per week, but since the beginning of April I’ve tempered my treatments down to once or twice a month.

Relief came within the first three weeks and now after several months I am almost totally free of any pain and will never consider surgery again! I am so completely happy that I found the American Back Center I recommend it to anyone considering any kind of neck or back surgery. Please try this first! I was a skeptic in the very beginning, I had given up on being pain-free, but this works!

My quality of life is one that I never dreamed I would have again. My wife and kids are thrilled, too! They have their old husband and dad back again!



My wife and kids are thrilled, too! They have their old husband and dad back again!P. Q., Squirrel Hill, PA

I suffered from recurring low back pain for 14 years. Chiropractic adjustments had helped on occasion, but they were no longer working and I needed a new solution. An MRI showed that I had two herniated discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1. These herniations caused intense pain, which traveled down from my lower back down my left leg, ending with numbness in my toes. It was very frustrating that I could no longer participate in golf, tennis,and hiking. I work in sales and had to travel on airplanes weekly and this was very difficult. I talked to a friend about this treatment called Vax-D, he said that I should schedule a consult with the doctor ASAP, I did, and after meeting with the doctor, I started the treatment plan the next week. I underwent Vax-D and the other therapies at American Back Center for 6 weeks. I saw amazing results with this non surgical treatment, I no longer have any leg or back pain, and the numbness is gone. I can play golf again, and those long plane rides are longer a problem for my back. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Thank you for giving me my life backJohn - St. Mary's PA