I am writing to give you my perception of the treatment I have been receiving from your office. When I first came to you I was having pain in my mid-back which was causing severe spasms that radiated downward, to both sides and upward into my neck causing headaches and pain that would travel down my left arm into the palm of my hand. I was also having pains in my chest on the days when the spasms were at their worst. I had just recently returned to work prior to my visit to you.

I have had these symptoms since an accident on last February. I did not work from April to October because my employer did not have a light duty position for me. In October I was given a truck driving position which requires loading a trailer with wood chips using a front-end loader, smoothing out the load with a pitchfork, tarping the load and delivering it to various locations. I also drive a log truck which involves loading the truck with a hydraulic loader and strapping down the load. The bouncing of the truck, using the clutch pedal, shifting gears and all the twisting involved in loading and driving really aggravate my back pain and spasms.

When I first started treatment I was taking several Tylenol tablets during the daytime to get through the day and taking Vicodin and Soma at night so I could sleep. At that time, and for the first month or so, I could only sleep 2 to 3 hours a night.

After I started treatment at your office, I noticed that the severe spasms do not come on as quickly as before I started treatment. I still always have the pain in my back, but I can get farther into the day before the pain and spasms get too severe. The amount of strenuous activity, and number of trips I make a day — have a lot to do with my pain levels. Trying to compare equal workdays from the beginning of treatment to now I would say I have seen a reduction in my pain levels. The spasms that used to radiate downwards have greatly improved and only come back on the really bad days. The
spasms that would spread sideways have improved to the point of spreading only a couple inches to each side of my spine, and I rarely get the chest pains. I still get the upward spasms but no longer get the pain going down my left arm, and I don’t get the headaches like I did in the past. I only get the headaches on bad days and they don’t seem to last as long. I also don’t need as many Tylenol 10 to get through the day. I still use the Vicodin and Soma at night time which allow me to get 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. If I try to sleep without the meds I have a hard time falling asleep and will wake up with pain after only about 3 hours.

I also noticed — when I come in for treatment after work I’ll have a lot of pain. When I come to your office, I get an immediate reduction in pain levels during treatment. I do think this treatment is helping my condition. While improvement is slow, I have been able to continue working this limited -duty position. I know I am nol ready to return to my normal position as an equipment operator al this time — that job requires a lot more twisting and constant jarring and bouncing. Also, the amount of extra physical labor that is required for hauling, maintenance, and operation of the equipment we use is a lot more than my back can endure at this present time. All of the other physical therapy treatments I have done in the past wear unsuccessful.

If you think further treatment! will help continue my improvement like it has so far, I would like to continue treatment provided it is covered by insurance.

I am looking forward to the day when I can return to work and come home without being in so much pain, and that I can function and enjoy my family.

Thank you,