I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the very professional and effective treatment I received at your clinic for the herniated disc injuries I sustained in my car accident in October. Initially I consulted with the family doctor and the treatment was exercises. No MRI or x-rays were taken except for what was taken at the hospital. My chief complaint at that time was low back pain with left thigh numbness. After about one month of this type of treatment my condition was going nowhere and my doctor suggested I might need surgery. This is when I consulted you at American Back Centers. I was very pleased and impressed with the thoroughness of the examination and the explanation of my condition. This is even more significant because I was not a believer in chiropractors. You ordered an MRI and that revealed that I did have a herniation of my L4-5 disc.

To say the least, I have had excellent results with treatment at your clinic and I am very impressed with the VAX-D therapy. What impressed me most is that I was discharged after only ten weeks of treatment and I am able to resume my normal lifestyle. I am grateful to you for saving me from surgery.

I would highly recommend to anyone with a herniated disc to try VAX-D first before considering any other treatment, including surgery or injections.