A little more than three years ago I went to an Ortho surgeon because of severe back pain. He took x rays and said my #5 disc had ruptured and #4 was in very bad shape. I asked him for advice and he said surgery works only 50% of time at best, 25% you’ll feel better and 25% of the time you will be worse off. He recommended I try Dr Peduzzi first..
long story short, after 3 months of pretty intensive stretching (on the rack) and doing the exercises my back did not feel any better and at the end of the treatment time I let Dr Peduzzi know that I thought I had wasted my money. I kept doing the stretches and exercises and drinking the water and I soon noticed that my back pain was gone., completely gone. More that three years later I have had no back pain and Dr Peduzzi I owe you an apology. My back has not felt this good since I was 20 years old.
Thank You.