I was only in my early thirties, when after years of abusing my back with heavy lifting the pain in my lower back was so bad that rest and over the counter remedies did nothing to ease the pain. I finally went to my family doctor who prescribed pain pills and muscle relaxers. With no improvement I then saw an Orthopedic surgeon. He also gave me pain medicine and ordered Physical Therapy. Some therapy would give me temporary relief but the pain would return before long and always seemed to be getting worse.

Over the next twelve years I was referred to eighteen different health care facilities. I saw Orthopedic Physicians, Physical Therapist, Chiropractors, and Pain Clinics where I received pain injections and nerve blocks.

I was finally thinking about quitting work because I couldn’t live with the pain anymore. It was only a fifteen-minute ride to work for me, but by the time I arrived I couldn’t even get out of the car. A fellow employee asked if I had ever heard of VAX-D. I did some research about VAX-D and then called for an appointment.

I started VAX-D  with an evaluation by Dr. Peduzzi and a review of my MRI. Dr. P. felt he could help. At first I was skeptical, but thought, what do I have to lose, I had tried everything else. I started with four sessions a week and wearing a back brace during the day. Within a month I noticed results and kept thinking, this is too good to be true. By the following summer I was able to take a nine-hour car trip to Connecticut and still felt great.

It’s been two years and I still feel wonderful. I see Dr. P every two or three months just for maintenance VAX-D treatments. I am so grateful for VAX-D and to the entire staff of The American Back Center that I have recommended it to other friends and co-workers. All are just as satisfied.