My living is working in a hospital, setting up conference rooms. This means moving tables and chairs continuously. Some tables weigh up to 200 lbs.

One day I lifted one of these 200 lb tables and I thought I pulled a muscle. Little did I know that I herniated a disk. For over a year I lived through this pain, until the pain started going down my left leg. I knew something was wrong.

The MRI read that the L4, L5 discs were herniated. At first I tried physical therapy. This was a bad choice. One day I heard on the radio about VAX-D therapy. I talked to my employer to let me try this therapy and they did. It was this, or have surgery. To me surgery must be, should be, when all else fails, the last thing to do.

Well, because of VAX-D therapy I have felt the best I have felt in over a year. I am grateful and thankful that there was something more I could do for myself than go under the knife. Sometimes it’s just so hard to tell someone how good I really feel.

For over a year I suffered when I would cut the grass, drive my car, walk, sit… Today it’s hard to remember how bad I felt.